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About Us

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Justin Bird


Justin has been building data solutions for more than 12 years. He has experience covering database administration, data analysis, data warehouse development & architectural design. He enjoys innovating and building elegant solutions. He has recently been chosen for the Friend of Redgate programme.

He has two Welsh-speaking daughters who frequently criticise his grasp of the language…he’s working on it. He is teaching one of his daughters to code using Scratch. He is football crazy and probably should have been a Jedi. He should run more.

Ryan Gillett


Ryan is a Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE) in Business Intelligence, Data Management and Analytics and has also been building data solutions for more than 12 years.¬†Redgate didn’t want to be friends with Ryan (this time), but he still enjoys using the toolkit and converting every Data Engineer he meets anyway!

He’s the father of a very outspoken toddler and the owner of an equally outspoken border collie. He enjoys running (far more than Justin), reading and playing the violin. There’s a pair of ukuleles waiting for the toddler to jam with dad!

Our Community Work

The knowledge gained from community events and contributors to the data community has been invaluable over the years, supporting that scene is really important to us.¬†We have recently started a user group in Cardiff hosted at the University of South Wales focussed on all things data. Click the image below to find out more details, we’d love to see you at the next event! Both Ryan & Justin have spoken at community events in the past, we had planned to contribute more during 2020 but….covid19. As we talk more, we’ll the content on our GitHub page.

Justin & Ryan have started volunteering at SQL Bits & Data Relay, these events have played a huge part of in our development over the years and always provide valuable learning opportunities, helping these events run is the least we can do to pay back for the knowledge they’ve given us over the years. If you’ve never been to either event before, they are jammed packed with fantastic speakers, we highly recommend you check them out!