Data Specialists

Metricy is a Microsoft Partner for Data Platform, Data Analytics & Cloud Platform, specialising in SQL Server & Azure data platforms. Our team has extensive experience developing solutions using modern data transformation, data warehousing, data privacy & data cleansing techniques.


Data is increasingly becoming a crucial commodity for every business. Having a data strategy that underpins the core business strategy is essential. We will work together to tailor a strategy that is right for your business.



The technology landscape is rapidly changing and, choosing the right solution for your needs can be daunting. We will design a flexible solution that is adaptable and able to cater for all data needs.


We can help you build a repeatable pattern-based solution which is key to supporting the demands of a modern data platform and reducing maintenance demands. We can work alongside your internal team or we can deliver it for you.


We’re flexible

If you’re an established squad with an established way of working, great! Every team is different and that’s fine with us. We can adjust to accommodate your delivery process, we’ll put ways of working aside and concentrate on delivering value to your platform.


We’re here to help – whether that is to provide guidance on optimising an existing solution or simply to provide temporary cover for internal staff.



We enjoy working as part of a blended squad, cross squad knowledge sharing is important to us, ensuring that nobody is left behind. Agile practices facilitates the mentoring of squad members as you delivery but we can provide specific training needs as required.

“Justin was a key member of the team that supported my largest clients. He exhibited great skills in a highly technical environment, and was always able to explain topics in straightforward, non-technical terms. Through his dedication, he made a considerable contribution to the growth of our client engagements.”

Roger Smith
Client Services Director

“I worked with Justin in a GDPR project at Target group. Justin is a clever developer with good management skills. It was a pleasure to work with a manager who is highly technically skilful as it makes things easier. His approach was always practical and flexible. I would highly recommend Justin for your Data Warehousing or Business Intelligence project.”

Fernando Hidalgo
Business Intelligence Developer, Solution Designer and Instructor


We can help you build a framework for extending DevOps to your data solution in order to maximise flow and reduce errors. In turn, your teams will be able to react to change more responsively. Consistent, repeatable changes ensures more effective quality reviews and improved cycle times resulting in fast low-risk deployments.



By introducing agile practices and standardising team-based development, changes can be applied just in time, regularly and consistently with less errors and less waste. Your teams will constantly review and improve the flow.


The principles of GDPR have the potential to have a profound effect on BI platforms, primarily around data retention and data minimisation. We can help you define processes for adhering to these principles.



The need to control and govern the access to sensitive data is essential. Delivering privacy controls from inception will ensure your data is secure at all times. Techniques include data encryption patterns, pseudonymisation patterns and role-based authentication control.



Financial Services

Build solutions that can support legacy solutions more flexibly ensuring your data platform doesn’t become part of the technical debt and is resilient to change. Unifying data will better support fraud prevention processes and delivery consistent measures for producing regulatory returns. Experience in lending, investments & insurance.


Timely, future-proof and centralised reporting based upon a modern warehousing approach with a view on improving and providing value against patient outcomes and journeys. Standardisation across providers and reporting units allows for an agile approach to new reporting requirements and acquisitions.


Provision of advanced decision management through temporal data platform design. Collating data sources from across forces to produce reliable and predictable reporting at all disclosure levels.


Digital transformation programmes create challenges for data platforms. Build solutions that are resilient to system modernisation programmes. Privacy by design will ensure sensitive data is managed appropriately. Experience in large central government agencies.